These volunteers are trained to evangelize in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area for Christ. As a ministering arm of the church, teams identify and implement needed services that will meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community. Sponsored events are scheduled to teach life skills and provide training for economic empowerment, physical health and spiritual growth.



Deacon Board

The Deacons are appointed by the Senior Pastor from among the congregation to serve the church in both spiritual and temporal matters. They strive to live according to the Holy Scriptures and are fashioned after the requirements outlined in the bible. The Deacon Board Chairmen serve as part of the executive administration of the church and is responsible for the profitable management of church property, buildings, land, businesses, and investments. Deacons support the Bishop, Associate Pastors, and the vision of the ministry, as well as participate in other ministries within the church. The Deacons are very much a part of every facet of each service from start to finish. In addition to maintaining the upkeep of the edifice and reinforcing procedures, they are called upon to preach the word, teach the word, and express Christ’s compassion for others in charitable situations. They have adopted as their motto “Humbly but boldly we go before thee.”


Usher Board

The UCFI Usher Board is comprised of both adults and junior ushers who are committed to fostering an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is always welcomed and an environment conducive to receiving the Word of God with minimal distractions. We strive to ensure worshippers are greeted in love and feel welcome to fellowship.  To our first time visitors we welcome you, after that you’re family.



The members of this ministry are a dedicated group committed to all aspects of welcoming guests from the moment they enter the building until they are safely to their destination. People who have the gifts and graces to express social warmth, who have an honest smile, heartfelt handshake, and a sincere “Good Morning/Good Evening” are always needed to assist in this very worthwhile ministry.


Worship Arts Ministry

The Worship Arts Ministry exists to give opportunity for those creative types to express their passion and artistry through worship. The Goal is to lead people in powerful praise and intimate worship of the Almighty using various art forms that display a creative God.  We strive to purposefully minister,  through the power of God and for His glory,  life changing worship through song, dance, and theater; and
aide the Word of God for the saving of souls and the refreshing of the saints.

The Worship Arts Ministry includes the following groups:

Praise & Worship Team, Worship Band (Musicians), Band of Brothers
(Men’s Choir), Mass Choir (all choirs), Youth Choir, and Teen Choir.

Theater Team (skits/plays/commercials)

Liturgical Dance Team (Adults), Youth Dance Team, and Banners/Flag Team



Audio Visual

The UCFI Audio Visual team works behind the scenes to enhance the worship experience through multimedia. This close knit body of Holy Ghost filled techies is led by Deacon Davis.



Men's Ministry

To disciple men through a very simplistic approach. Our strategy is based on four areas: 1. Reach, 2. Nurture, 3. Equip, 4. Send. We are laser focused on REACHING all men, both in the church and outside the church. We NURTURE them in the word of God and with information that will impact their everyday lives in a practical and effective manner. We EQUIP them to identify their unique call to serve the body of Christ and we encourage them to live strong within their God given gifts. Lastly we SEND them out into the community and world, confident in their gifts and with a keen ear for the voice of God. They understand their objective is to encourage others in the faith and to compel men and women to Christ.

We accomplish this by setting up discipleship programs to include men’s Bible Study groups, prayer groups and various spiritual growth initiatives. We have implemented workshops to assist men in becoming spiritually, economically, and financially empowered. We promote a multi-cultural environment that promotes brotherhood and unity among all nations. We are equipped to fight from the place of victory! We are overcomers!


Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry crosses economic status, education, age, racial, and cultural barriers to get to the heart of the matter. Although we are unique individuals, collectively we are one in the Spirit of God; woman to woman, sister to sister, heart to heart, we endeavor to promote growth spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally among the women and provide mentorship. Ultimately, we seek to bring fruition and wholeness in our lives and in the lives of those who encounter us.



The Youth Ministry exists to provide spiritual support to the godly education and counsel of the children at UCFI while supporting parents in this area. The children’s church is primarily designed to service, train and inspire the children of the adults in the congregation. Our vision is to do so in a dynamic and creative fashion that will distinguish UCFI as providing one of the most excellent children’s church experiences on this planet.


Christian Education

We accomplish our vision by growing members of all ages through a variety
of opportunities to include discipleship class and outreach activities that provide a caring,
supportive, and loving environment in order to develop the total person-spirit, mind and body.
Although Christian Education is solely responsible for the New Members/New Believers
Program, we also work as co-labors with the following ministries: Board of Elders and
Ministers’ Training, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Outreach Ministry,
and all other ministries within the church whose purpose includes teaching the Body of Christ.
We strive to present the Word of God, emphasizing its application in our daily lives and to
implement creative ideas to educate the body on topics relevant to living according to the Word
of God.




The Administration Staff works diligently behind the scenes to help spread the gospel message worldwide. Whatever task, small or great, all professional ministry technicians labor together to create a total worship experience that is unique, inspiring and, life changing.


Singles Ministry

Pave the way for World-Class Singles to identify their God-given purpose and harness every gift so that their lives exemplify excellence and victory.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Ministry advances the vision of our Bishop and the ministries of UCFI, encouraging, promoting and equipping UCFI to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community – to the glory of God! As a church, we hope to win people by presenting the Gospel Jesus Christ—our approach is to take the ministry to the people. We want to be known for our willingness to take the Gospel from within the walls of our building to affect the lives of those we come into contact.

This ministry assists UCFI leadership and ministries by developing strategies for promotion of the value added to the community, and our society by our church ministries, services, activities, programs and events.


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